KEW 6010A

Continuity and Insulation Testing
• Live circuit warning LED:
Immediate illumination of a warning lamp if the circuit under test is live
• Auto Discharge:
Allows fast and safe discharge of electrical energy stored in capacitive circuits following testing
• Integral overload protection on internal continuity and insulation test circuitry
• Autoranging
• 500V DC test voltage for insulation tests
• 200mA short circuit current on continuity ranges

Loop and RCD Testing
• Wiring connection check LED’s:
Immediate indication if wiring of circuit under test is correct
• Overheat Protection:
Rapid detection of overheating of internal circuitry,display of warning signal to user and automatic halting of measurement
• Supply Voltage Indication:
Can display supply voltage value in loop impedance mode
• Low Current Loop Impedance Test:
Short duration low test current will prevent tripping of many passive RCDs
• Auto Data Hold:
Retains displayed reading for set period following test
• Phase Angle Selection:
Selection of test current from +ve or -ve half cycle of waveform can prevent tripping of polarized type RCDs


Continuity Testing
Measuring Ranges 0 – 19.99 and 10.0 – 199.9Ω (2 auto ranges)
Open Circuit Voltage > 4V (as per IEC 364)
Short Circuit Current > 200mA DC (as per IEC 364)
Accuracy ±(3% + 3dgt)
Loop Impedance Testing
Rated Voltage 230V AC +10%-15% (50Hz)
Voltage Measuring Range 100-250V AC (50Hz)
Impedance Range
Nominal Test Current
25A (20Ω range) 15mA (2000Ω range)
Test Period 1/2 cycle (10ms)
Accuracy 20Ω range : ±(3% + 8dgt)   2000Ω range : ±(3% + 8dgt)
Insulation Testing
Measuring Ranges 0 – 19.99 and 10.0 – 199.9MΩ (2 auto ranges)
Test Voltage 500V DC
Output Voltage on
Open Circuit
570V DC±6%
Rated Current > 1mA (as per IEC 364)
Accuracy ± (3% + 3dgt)
RCD Testing
Rated Voltage 230V AC +10%-15% (50Hz)
Trip Current Settings RCD × 1/2: 5, 15, 50, 150, 250mA
RCD × 1: 10, 30, 100, 300, 500mA
Trip Current Duration RCD × 1/2 × 1: 2000ms
Fast Trip 150mA
Accuracy Trip current ±3% of test current at 230V.
Trip time ±(3% + 3dgt)
Safety Standard IEC 61010-1 CAT III 300V Pollution Degree 2
IEC 61010-2-031
IEC 61557
Power source R6 (AA) (1.5V) × 8
Dimensions 175(L) × 115(W) × 86(D)mm
Weight 780g approx.
Included Accessories 7122B (Test leads)
KAMP10* (Test Lead with IEC Connector)
Pouch for Test leads
Shoulder Strap
Shoulder Pad
R6 (AA) × 8
Instruction Manual
Optional Accessories 7133B (Distribution board test leads)

*KAMP10(EU): European SHUKO plug
KAMP10(UK): British plug(13A)
KAMP10(AU): Australian plug
KAMP10(SA): South African plug

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